It was an outstanding Sunday morning gathering with our e.Kids as the adults experienced Elevate’s second myStory Sunday! We were excited to have a number of new faces join us and we had a great time worshiping with a new set of “Praise Party” songs that the kids really enjoyed! We also had one of our younger e.Kids, Andrew, ask Jesus into his heart!

Sunday’s lesson focused on being committed to our families and, more specifically, obeying our parents.  The memory verse for this week is Ephesians 6:2-3 and we have encouraged all of the kids to come back next Sunday and recite the verse to win a special prize.   The verses can be found in the Take Home Challenges provided below. 

Prizes will also be given to kids who are able to answer review questions from last week’s lesson.  Be sure to remind your kids that we talked about Ruth staying committed to Naomi, even though she was encouraged to leave.  We’ve provided a great video clip for review as well.

Next week we’ll be talking about being brave for God and how if we live right, God gives us confidence and helps us to overcome “Giants” in our lives.  The Bible story will be about one of the most amazing battles in the Bible: David and Goliath! Don’t miss it!

Please click on the following links to access the Take Home Challenges for 01/29/12.