Hello Elevate Parents!

Our e.Kids enjoyed an exciting morning on Sunday worshipping and learning about God!  Ms. Amy did an outstanding job leading worship. In fact, it was so much fun that everyone was sweating from jumping up and down for Jesus!

It was the third week of offering prizes to the kids who were able to recite their memory verse and/or answer review questions from last week’s lesson and there were many that did.  We are so excited to see the kids take part in this weekly activity!  We also mentioned that we’ll be continuing to give prizes away in the weeks ahead.

Sunday’s Bible lesson was about King David and King Solomon.  Ms. Amy told the interactive Bible story to the kids, talking about how King David passed away and his newly crowned son, King Solomon, asked for wisdom from God.  Again, like last week, we've included a link to a video clip that does a great job reviewing the story.  


The kids played a game of charades, acting out things that God uses to make us wise as well as created crowns with the statement “Get wisdom from God” written on them.  They also listened and responded to scenarios that Ms. Amy read aloud about wisdom.

This next Sunday we'll be talking about how big and powerful God is and, more specifically, what amazing things He does through us when He lives in our hearts!  Be sure not to miss out!

Please click on the following links to access the Take Home Challenges for 02/12/12.