Are you aware of a time when you experienced God's protection by means of an angel or angels?  If you aren't personally, do you know of someone who has?  This is what we talked about on Sunday; How God commands his angels to protect us wherever we go!

Ms. Donna and her team did an outstanding job with our e.Kids!  We made angels out of playdough (making them the way that we thought they looked), participated in some great worship using new songs that Ms. Donna introduced and played some exciting games.   

Check out a couple of the angels the kids made! We also made angel chains with the memory verse attached to remind us of how angels surround and protect us.

One of the object lessons was also very memorable as Ms. Donna placed little plastic army men in zip-lock bags (both opened and closed) and submerged them in a gross concoction of food items to demonstrate God's protection over us;  How we are sealed and protected by Him!

Please take a couple of minutes to watch the video clip provided below that reviews the Bible story about Elisha and the chariots of fire that appeared when he faced the Syrian Army.

Next week the kids will be dismissed a bit early to join their families for the water baptism and meal.  This is sure to be a very exciting morning at Elevate Church!  During the shortened class, Ms. Austin and her team will be talking about how praising God is a powerful weapon to help us stand tall and strong in Him.

Don't forget to have your kids learn the memory verse for the week to earn a special prize!

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