Spring is such a great time of the year!  So many flowers and trees are in bloom, the weather is improving and there is something extra special about the smell in the air!

We've been providing blog entries for several weeks now; focusing on Kid's Church for each entry.  As we've said so many times, we have an outstanding group of teachers and adult volunteers in Kid's Church.  We're also blessed with an amazing group of teachers and adult volunteers in the the Toddler classroom (walkers - three years) which we'll be featuring over the next few weeks.  

We had a great morning with the kids on Sunday!  The lesson focused on how God makes things that grow. We talked about how God created things (including us) and how we get to enjoy so many of His creations, especially in the Spring and Summer.

During class we took turns drawing pictures together on the whiteboard of things that grow as well as created all sorts of God's creations out of playdough (plants, animals, etc.).  It was a blast!  We also enjoyed a great time of worship with the older kids in Kid's Church as well as coloring sheets and storytime.  It was impressive how much the kids knew about how things grow!

Mr. Martin, Ms. Annie and their team also had an exceptional morning in Kid's Church.  They discussed how we do not always know where God is going to lead us, but that we should always follow Him and let Him direct our paths.  They also tied the lesson to two Elevate Church missionaries, Steve and Malana Ganz, who are in Panama right now and showed pictures of the country and talked about how they are sharing God's love in Panama.  They stressed that God may lead us to other countries or He may just want us to share His love with our friends and neighbors, but that either way, we should follow Him.

The memory verse for the week is: "I heard the Lord ask, is there anyone I can send?  Will someone go for us? I'll go, I answered.  Send me!"  Isaiah 6:8

Again, we’ve provided a handout below that was given to each family as the children exited Kid's Church on Sunday.  Be sure not to miss this exciting week!  You are also welcome to attend class with your children to watch them share their talents if you like.

Next week, Ms. Amy and her team will be talking about how the Spirit of God gives us new life and how without God's Spirit we are like lifeless bones.  This is sure to be an exciting morning!

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