Did you notice anyone from Elevate Children's Ministry wearing PJ's on Sunday?  Did you do a double-take if you did?

We had so much fun with Movie, Talent and PJ day on Sunday!  What a great morning!  Ms. Donna and her team did an amazing job with the kids and everyone had a ton of fun!  The kids enjoyed an exciting time of worship with Addy and Moriah helping Ms. Donna lead the songs - They did a great job!  The featured movie for the morning was VeggieTales "Robin Good."  Please be sure to access the Take Home sheet for the movie (below). We've included some pictures that show some of the kids as they performed their talents.  They were in awe of each other as they got up in front of class to show their God given skills!  Even kids who came without a planned talent found something they could do and share.  What a neat experience!  Also, be sure to check out the Elevate Kids Facebook page for even more pictures.

Toddler Room was a lot of fun as well as we continued our lesson on how God makes things that grow.  Ms. Tyra and her team did an exceptional job with the youngsters as they enjoyed worship, a bible story, crafts and even had a chance to make plants and animals out of playdough.  We've included some pictures from Toddler Room as well.

Next week in Kid's Church Ms. Austin and her team will be talking about how God helps us live clean lives and how we can live in the world but not be of the world.  In Toddler room we'll be talking about how people at church help us.  Be sure not to miss out!

Please click on the VeggieTales "RobinGoodGuide" handout below.  We will resume our weekly memory verse and Take Home Challenges next Sunday.