This past week in e.Kids, we had a lot of fun learning that "we are blessed when we have a good attitude!"  Our attitudes can determine success and even failure in our lives.  As parents, it's a lesson we just might struggle to teach our kids daily!  What we learned can be applied to all areas in the lives of these kids, from sports to school to home.  Ultimately, the most important thing is not what people see on the outside, but it's the attitude of our hearts. According to one of the kids, "Jesus is in there, so he can see it."  

Our Bible Lesson came from Matthew chapter 5 on the Beatitudes.  Parents, if you're at all able to review this awesome sermon that Jesus taught with your kids, we encourage you to do so!  It may even assist you in your endeavor to help your child in the attitude department!  

Our Memory Verse For The Week:  God blesses those who want to obey Him. - Matthew 5:6.  (please make sure to review this scripture with your child so they can not only build their spiritual muscles, but can get a special prize in class next week!)

We spent a good portion of class preparing for our Father's Day presentation, so make sure you come this Sunday to see what the kids have been up to!  Our lesson for the day will be that prayer builds a friendship with God.

Have a great week!