Martin, Annie and their team had an exciting morning with our e.Kids on Sunday as they taught a lesson on how God loves a cheerful giver and desires for us to live to give.

The Bible lesson was from the book of Malachi and focused on how God asks us to turn from our sinful ways and offer him our tithes and offerings.  We also talked about how He blesses us if we do this in obedience and as an act of worship to Him as well as how we need to remember that everything that we have is from Him.

The memory verse is: Bring the entire ten percent into the storehouse – Malachi 3:10

Next week we will be talking about how we are blessed when we have a good attitude and how God wants us to experience happiness in our lives.  

Toddler Room was also a lot of fun! We started a new lesson for the month of June and have been having a lot of fun watching the kids become excited to come into class each week to learn about God!

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