We love to worship Jesus at Elevate Church!  In our kids services, we strive to accomplish this in an engaging, fun, and contemporary way.  Music videos of the songs play on the flat screen while the teacher helps lead.  These videos show the words, but also many times hand and body movements that the kids can participate in.  The songs are Biblically based and provide our children an opportunity to express their love to their Creator.

Although we sing songs from several different resources, the majority of our favorites come from Hillsong Kids based out of Australia.  They have several fun albums that we pull songs from.  One of their latest releases is titled "Ultimate Collection" and contains several of the kids' favorites on it.  If you're looking to pick-up a good kids worship album, this one is highly recommended, or you can simply purchase the individual songs.  Having some of these worship songs at home is a great way to help your children learn the lyrics, which will both reinforce their understanding of God's principals and improve their worship experience.  You can check out this particular album here:

Hillsong Kids Ultimate Collection