"Joining with families to make Jesus famous in the lives of children."

At eKIDS, our goal is to support and equip families to teach their children about Jesus.  As a secondary goal, we strive to put on an excellent program for our Elevate children during Sunday morning services.  As parents, if we're not careful, we can too easily rely on the church's efforts to fulfill this responsibility.  Let's look at the numbers.

In a given week, there are a total of 168 hours.  Assuming the average eKIDS child is awake for 13 hours per day, they are awake for approximately 91 hours per week.  With the average Sunday morning service time of 2 hours, an eKIDS student spends roughly 2% of their total awake time at church.

As ePARENTS (Elevate Parents), let's resolve to be intentional about taking seriously our responsibiltiy to introduce our children to the Savior and Creator of the world.  As an eKIDS ministry, our primary goal is to assist you in this calling.

For those of you that have some home ministry suggestions that have worked well for your family that you would like to share, please forward them to jeremy@elevatenw.tv.