What do you do in the eKIDS program?

I volunteer in the Red Zone, and sometimes for check-in.

Tell us a little about your family.

I'm the oldest of 3. My parents are the senior pastors of Elevate and my mom helps direct our eKIDS program, and my siblings and I serve in different areas throughout the church. We like watching movies together (we own A LOT), and there is no shortage of sarcasm used in our house!

Favorite Hobby or Sport:

My favorite hobby is writing. I like to journal and write letters. I also enjoy creating order out of a mess, so I'm a big fan of organizing things. I've never played a sport, but I enjoy watching football and the Olympics (my favorite event is swimming).

How long have you been attending Elevate Church?

About 2.5 years.

How long have you been volunteering in eKIDS?

Around 2.5 years.

Favorite eKIDS worship song:

It's a tie between "Jesus, You're My Superhero" and "My Best Friend".

What is your favorite thing to do at eKIDS?

My favorite is small group prayer time. It's fun getting to interact with the kids and learn about what's important to them and to listen to them talk to Jesus. 

What is your best memory at eKIDS?

A while back, we had each of the kids outline their body on a big pice of butcher paper. The purpose of it was for others to write down what they liked about that person inside that outline. After their words had been written and the outline had been colored in and personalized, each child was able to take home their outline. I liked being able to see the personalities of the kids come out through their artwork and kind words.

What else would you like to share?

In addition to eKIDS, I also serve with our eStudents and media team. There's added responsibility that comes with that, but I enjoy being able to serve! I'm also a fan of math, british TV shows, music, and of books.