1.   Name: Christina Connors

2. What do you do in the eKIDS program? I volunteer in the Toddler Room. My son, Everett is in that room and absolutely loves it when I’m in there with him!

3.   Tell us a little about your family: My husband, Dale and I have been married for 3 ½ years and we have a wonderful son whom we love to pieces. As a family, we enjoy being outdoors, hanging out at my parent’s farm, scrumptious food, a good movie at home, and being silly. 

4.   Favorite Hobby or Sport: Running. I’m a Half Marathoner and train by running 20-30 miles a week.

5.   How long have you been attending Elevate Church? I have been attending Elevate for a little over a year now.

6.   How long have you been volunteering in eKIDS? I have been volunteering for 6 months.

7.   Favorite eKIDS Worship Song: I don’t know any of the eKIDS Worship Songs since we don’t sing them in the Toddler Room but Everett and I love listening to “This Little Light of Mine” in the car. We love it and listen to it over and over!

8.   What is your favorite thing to do at eKIDS? I enjoy arts and crafts time. I love helping the kids create fun crafts that are evolved around Jesus and that they can take home and share with their families.

9.   What is your best memory at eKIDS? My best memory so far was the Carnival we had for the kids last Fall. It was so much fun!

10. What else would you like to share? I feel so blessed to be involved with the eKIDS ministry and to witness the children learn about God and His love and grace. The children in the Toddler Room are still quite young but it’s amazing to see that they know who He is and I love that I can be apart of “making Jesus famous in their lives.”