What a blessing to have another week of The Gospel Project for Kids! This week we started a two-part story looking at Joseph, a son of Jacob. Joseph’s father favored him above all of his other sons. Their relationship bred contempt and jealousy among his siblings. Joseph’s brothers threw him into a pit.

Before long, Joseph’s brothers had a plan. They pulled Joseph out of the pit to sell him into slavery. Joseph traveled to Egypt and became a servant in the home of a prominent Egyptian named Potiphar. Accused of a crime he did not commit, Joseph spent the next several years in prison. God was watching out for him though; Joseph excelled and was released from prison after God gave him the ability to interpret one of Pharaoh’s dreams.  

Because of the interpretation of Pharaoh’s dream, Joseph rose to be the second highest ruler in the country. He built silos to house grain and administered the distribution of food during a time of famine. 

God was with Joseph, and He blessed him. Joseph rose to his position as God’s instrument to protect his family and many others from starvation. Jesus gave up His position of great power in order to bring salvation to people. Christ’s life, death, and resurrection made a way to provide salvation from spiritual death, the penalty for sin.