This week The Gospel Project for Kids continued the two-part story looking at a Joseph, a son of David. Joseph had come to a position of power in Egypt, and there was a famine throughout the world. Joseph had plenty of food, and people came to him for it. When Joseph’s brothers arrived for food, Joseph recognized them and tested them to see if their hearts had changed. 

Joseph determined that God had used the evil intent of his brothers to bring about His glory and Joseph’s good. Joseph revealed his identity to his brothers, and Jacob and his family moved from Israel to Egypt. 

Joseph recognized that though his brothers intended evil, God planned his circumstances for good to establish a remnant of God’s people (Genesis 45:7). Likewise, although those who crucified Jesus intended evil, God’s plan for the sacrifice of His Son was for the good of all people. Through Jesus’ death on the cross, God again saved a remnant of people.