Once a person responds to the invitation to follow Jesus, he is automatically a member of God’s church which is not restricted by race, language or continent. It is important that each believer find a local expression of the church that they can be a part of.

The process of joining the Elevate family is five-fold: 1) become a follower of Jesus Christ; 2) attend e201 Class; 3) complete the Elevate Family Agreement; 4) participate in the Elevate Family Ceremony as scheduled during an upcoming weekend gathering; 5) participation in Elevate Family life.

People Who Should Not Join Elevate Church:

1. those not following Jesus – a person who has yet to respond to Jesus’ invitation to follow should not join a local church because membership in His family begins with that response. Commitment to a local expression of His Family should happen after that decision.

2. members of another church – Jesus made it clear, no one can serve two masters. Certainly, no believer can effectively sit under the authority, teaching, or service of two different churches. Those considering joining Elevate Church with previous membership elsewhere are expected to make the appropriate contact to have their membership transferred, prior to joining Elevate. It is critical to understand that all Biblical churches are part of one Body. While there are legitimate reasons to change churches, a transfer in spiritual leadership and authority is necessary. In changing local church families, the transition must be handled appropriately with all business concluded in a Christ-like way. Individuals with baggage or offense from/at a previous church will be assisted with an appropriate course of change to join Elevate Church. 

3. people living in situations clearly contrary to scriptural with no intent to rectify – while all believers are in the process of being transformed into Christ image, there are circumstances in scripture that require a church to discipline a member of the family. While there is certainly grace for all, especially new converts, believers with tenure in their journey will not be permitted to join the church until the rectify those circumstances.

4. people disagreeing with the articulated Mission of Elevate Church, leadership, teachings or personality.

As You Join:

 1. Make Your Declaration 

a. fill out the information on the provided worksheet covering members information, members agreement, and member’s background check for service. The completed copy of this information serves as your expression to declare Elevate Church as your family.

b. plan to participate in our upcoming “Welcome To Elevate” service

2. Participate In Family Life

a. be there – be a part of scheduled activities, especially in our Weekend Gatherings

b. develop relationships – you are no longer a visitor, so act like you own the place, because you do. Get to know others. Break bread together. Plug into a small group. Welcome new-comers and help them to make this their family.

c. find your place to serve – now that you are a member and you have filled out a background check, you have a green light to getting plugged into serving in any capacity. Be sure to visit volunteer page on our website. If you have no clear direction as to where you should serve, be sure to ask and we can direct you to the areas of greatest need.

d. carry your portion of the financial load – God has an age old method for seeing the Kingdom of God advance called tithing. Tithing (giving of the first 10% of your income on a regular basis) is an act of obedience to God’s Word; a declaration that you recognize that He is ultimately the one who gave you the ability to get income; a statement of faith that He will stretch what remains farther than it would ever have gone without giving in the first place; it demonstrates a commitment to and a personal ownership of the local church; it demonstrates a passion to see God’s Kingdom expand. 

e. engage the elevate Church Mission – as part of the family, you become a part of the team and the team has a mission. Let’s experience success together