The first gathering of Elevate Church in Vancouver took place on Sunday May 8 2011 at Chinook Elementary, and continues to develop and mature to this day. Elevate is an incorporated non-profit in the State of Washington. It has articles of incorporation and a governing set of by-laws and policy that are available upon request.

Affiliation - Elevate is a non-denominational church, but is not independent in mindset or accountability. Pastor’s within the local church are affiliated with Minister’s Fellowship International, an organization that has similar doctrine, culture and vision. We believe that this affiliation enhances the Kingdom effectiveness for all.

Leadership – Elevate Church is led by Elders, Staff and a Leadership Team

Elders – no less than three men, nominated by the pastor, approved by current eldership and ordained before the local congregation subsequent to receiving the appropriate training.  These individuals serve in specific pastoral/leadership capacities over the body and are invited to serve as long as they meet the requirements of said position. (Steve Parrish, Jeremy Fick, Saxon Williams, Derrill Corbin (proxy Elder))

Staff – hired as needed by the Elders of the local church. The Lead pastor is an Elder and “first among equals” by default. All staff is nominated by the Lead Pastor or Administrative Pastor, approved by the Elders, and ordained before the local congregation (pastoral staff only) (Steve Parrish, Lead Pastor; Page Ackler, Administration)

Leadership Team (ministry team leaders) – nominated by the Lead Pastor or Administrative Pastor, and appointed by the Elders to oversee specific ministries of the local body.

Volunteers – everyone attending Elevate has an appropriate place to serve. Those serving as Staff, Elders or Deacons must be members, with a few exceptions. There is appropriate latitude for non-members to serve as well in less visible roles.