In an ever changing culture, it is important to understand that God has timeless directives for living in His grace that are specific for individuals, but are intended to be implemented without being legalistic or judgmental of others. Because we fully endorse the concept of holy living, we regularly emphasizes the following guidelines for living a holy life:

Biblical Mandates – scriptural commands that apply to all believers, in all places, cultures and ages.  These are the non negotiable commands of God that are clear cut and recorded in His Word.

Personal Convictions – commands of God given to an individual that He personally requires.  These commands are specific to an individual and are not applicable to everyone.  Each believer should develop a specific list of convictions in the many and varied areas of living that aren’t covered specifically in scripture.  Personal convictions are an individual application of general scriptural concepts.  Once a person has developed a conviction, it becomes a mandate, but is not applicable to others.

Family Standards – as authority is given to the leaders of families to determine direction for those in families, it is scriptural for those leaders to develop “family convictions” that are applied to the entire group. This applies to families, groups, ministries and churches.