Congratulations, Guzman Family!

On September 25th, Carlos & Melissa Guzman and their family welcomed a baby boy, Maximiliano Ivan Guzman. Little Maximiliano was born at 19 ¾ inches long weighing 8 lbs 6 oz. Congratulations on the arrival of your baby boy, Guzman Family!




Welcome To The Team, Josh & Trisha!

Congratulations to Josh & Trisha Humphrey on their installment as Connect Group Leaders! They recently took over leadership of their Connect Group as their group has grown and made way for the start of a 2nd Connect Group.

Thank you for your commitment to serving our church family, Josh & Trisha!





We will be hosting a joint service at our normal Sunday location (Chinook Elementary) with Pastors Darren & Bree Elliott and their entire C3 Church family as well as special speaker, author and Pastor of C3 San Diego, Jurgen Matthesius. While this is unexpected and short notice, it is a tremendous honor for our church family, one that YOU ABSOLUTELY DON’T WANT TO MISS!

Here’s some background as to how/why this is happening: 

In November 2013, I travelled with Ps Darren to a C3 Conference in San Diego California hosted by Ps Jurgen at his eight year old, 1500 member, two campus church. The conference was excellent in every way, but my most profound takeaway was that the normal praise and worship sets were completely replaced with some of the most dynamic corporate prayer that I had ever participated in. My mind was blown!

The very next year, Ps Darren handed me a new book written by Ps Jurgen entitled PUSH - Pray Until Something Happens. I wasn’t surprised at how good it was because I had already witnessed the contents in action first hand. But now that it was in written form, much of its content became part of a greater ongoing conversation among our church leadership which then shifted our church family in significant life-giving ways.

In January of this year I travelled again with Ps Darren & Bree to Ps Jurgen’s (now 4 campus, 7000 member church) with our Elders.  The prayer, speakers and overall download that our leaders experienced during those few days impacted us profoundly! Our hearts were supercharged with a renewed strength and vision to better mobilize our church to reach our community.

Last week, Rowena and I attended the Global Conference for all C3 Churches (530+ congregations in 63 countries with over 100,000 weekly attenders) in Sydney Australia. While there, we were especially honored as Ps Darren arranged an intimate sit down for us and Ps Jurgen. During the conversation he amazingly accepted an invitation to come and speak to our church family. This week he communicated that he is going to be in the area the weekend of May 20. After locking it in, Ps Darren and I quickly determined to rally our two church families for the big day.

As Church Family, I Am Asking You To Do The Following:

  • BUY A BOOK - purchase a copy of PUSH and start reading it! They will be available for $10 at the Coffee Bar. You can also find out more about Ps Jurgen here -
  • INVITE - this will be a phenomenal day to invite friends! Ps Jurgen is one of the most gifted communicators I know and your friends and family will be impacted! Additionally, Ps Darren’s worship team will be in charge of music that AM and they are amazing! 
  • ARRIVE EARLY - I’d recommend your arrival by 9:45 to get a parking space (utilize overflow parking if possible and as needed), a good seat and to be a part of welcoming and interacting with people as they come in, especially our C3 friends! 
  • VOLUNTEER & SERVE - we will likely have close to double our normal weekend attendance requiring more hands on deck in every department. Jump in any way you can. This especially includes our children’s department - with twice as many children in attendance, it’s going to be a special day for them as well. Be sure to join that team and serve well so our children’s experience can also be epic. For those outside of the main room, we will make video of the entire gathering available on line the following day. 

This is going to be an amazing day! Thank you in advance for being all in! 

Ps. Steve & Rowena



Happy 40th Anniversary, Tim & Terri!

Wishing a very special congratulations to Tim and Terri Voltz who recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary! Tim and Terri are active leaders within Elevate and we are so fortunate to have them as a part of our church family. 

Congratulations, and best wishes on all the years to come!




FPU Update - Class of 2018

Financial Peace University, or FPU, is a great tool for teaching families how to win in their finances. The course takes place over a series of 9 weeks and covers topics like budgeting, paying off debt, saving, retirement, insurance, paying with cash, giving, and more.

Our most recent group of families began their FPU journey this past January through March. Below is an amazing look into the amount of debt they crushed, savings they set aside, and credit accounts closed during their 9-week journey.

Great job, Class of 2018, on your progress so far! Best of luck as you tackle the rest of the Baby Steps and continue your journey towards financial freedom.

(Interested in participating in FPU? Want to know more about it? Register HERE.)

FPU 2018.03.jpeg



VOLUNTEER MVPS - Jesse & Michele Carson


Congratulations to this month's Volunteer MVPs Jesse and Michele Carson! Both Jesse and Michele serve on our Worship Team (Jesse plays drums, Michele plays the piano and sings). They love the opportunity to serve God's people and to help them access His presence.

Thank you, Jesse and Michele, for serving diligently and with happy hearts!

Interested in being part of a Team? Click here to see the full list of available Teams and join one today!



2017 Financial Report

While our primary focus is to lift up Jesus, we are commited to annual fiancial accountability. As good stewards of God’s House we want to be transparent in what has been done with our resources each year. If you have any questions regarding the 2017 financial breakdown listed below, please feel free to contact Page Ackler for more information.

We thank the Lord for His faithful generosity and look forward to moving His vision forward throughout 2018!

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 10.18.20 AM.png



Congratulations, Chait Family!

Special congratulations to David & Marina Chait and their family on the birth of their baby boy! Isaac Vinson Chait made his debut on January 3rd weighing 7 lbs. 5 oz and at 20 inches long.

Welcome to the world, little Isaac!

Chait 1.jpg
Chait 2.jpg



Oaxaca Christmas Project 2017

Oaxaca, Mexico is a poverty-stricken region where children live in poverty and suffer from malnutrition, abandonment, and much more. Forward Edge International (an organization that partners to aid vulnerable children, disaster victims, and those who travel to serve them) works to serve these children through "Trigo y Miel", a program that provides the children with meals and the love of Jesus. (Click HERE for more info regarding Forward Edge & the program in Oaxaca.)

On Sunday, December 10th, we partnered with Forward Edge to help support the children and ministry taking place in Oaxaca with our Oaxaca Christmas Project. For the second year in a row, we had the special opportunity to serve over 100 children in the Trigo program. Our families assembled care packages for the kids and contributed funds to provide winter clothing for every child. It was an awesome day as we gathered together, showing the children the love of Jesus while getting into the Christmas spirit!

To view more photos from the day's event, click HERE.



Oaxaca Update - December 2017

Oaxaca House 00.jpg

For over a year we have partnered with Forward Edge International to help support Trigo y Miel, a program based in Oaxaca, Mexico that provides meals, tutoring, encouragement, the love of Jesus, and more to local children of all ages. Back in October, we sent a team to help with a home build made from earth blocks, the first of its kind in the community. The home was being built for a family participating in the Trigo y Miel program.

We are excited to announce that the home has been completed - Silvia and Felipe and their family have moved in! We are thrilled to have been a part of this project. Check out photos of the family and their new home below!



Happy 45th Anniversary, Richards!


Gary and Shirley recently celebrated 45 years of marriage and we are so excited for them! They represent how the Lord works through the commitment and hard work of two individuals willing to put Him and their spouse first. God bless you, Gary and Shirley!

This last month also marks Gary’s transition away from leading the bus ministry and fleet maintenance at Elevate. Gary has stepped down for health reasons, so while we’re disappointed to loose his involvement, we’re confident in his decision and are so thankful for his faithful, diligent service. Gary’s attention to detail and commitment to a job well done are second to none and we want to express to him a huge, “Thank you!"



Volunteer MVPs - Mike & Anna Atchison

Congratulations to our November Volunteer MVPs, Mike and Anna Atchison! Mike and Anna have served at Elevate in multiple capacities ranging from helping on the Mobility Team to leading a Connect Group. They have also enjoyed traveling with teams to Panama and Oaxaca, Mexico for Missional work.

Thank you, Atchisons, for your hard work and willingness to serve and to lead!

(Interested in joining a team? Visit our volunteer webpage for a list of available opportunities and sign up for one today!)

VOLUNTEERMVO 2017.11 Atchison.jpg



Water Baptism Congratulations

Water baptism is the symbolic act of publicly declaring your decision to follow Jesus. Through baptism, new and returning believers communicate their old life ending and their new life with Christ beginning.

This past Sunday during our main gathering, we took time to celebrate with those wanting to take this next step in their relationship with Jesus. Three of our children decided to publicly proclaim their relationship with Him through water baptism. Congratulations to those who were baptized: Elle, Rayne, and Isreael!



Labor Day 2017

LABORDAY 20170903 (11).jpg

Every year we gather as a family to celebrate Labor Day weekend, coming together during a weekend gathering and enjoying a family meal. This time together is filled with worship, fellowship, and our annual Chili, Pie, and Jr. Cupcake Competition where cooks of all ages enter to compete for the title of best chili, best pie, and best cupcakes. While all of year's entries were unbelievable, the title can only belong to one - congratulations to our Cook-Off grand prize winners Tyra Willett, Annie Jones, and Andrew Jones!

Each year seams better than the last, and this year was no exception! New to this year's tradition was a highly anticipated Tug-Of-War competition. Connect Groups faced off against each other to pull their teams towards victory. Each team showed great strength, but in the end is was a surprise and sweeping victory by the Burgess Connect Group! Congrats to the Burgess Connect Group on your victory.

We'd also like to thank all of our volunteers who made this event possible! Thank you to Tiffany Geehan and her team for coordinating the Cook-Off & Tug-Of-War competitions and food. Thank you to FUEL for hosting our eKIDS bounce houses and game stations. And thank you to Josh & Tiffany Nielson for organizing our eKIDS activities.

What an exiting day!

LABORDAY 20170903 (14).jpg
LABORDAY 20170903 (18).jpg
LABORDAY 20170903 (06).jpg



Volunteer MVP - Scott & Valerie Mercer

This month we're honoring two incredibly valuable Volunteer MVPs, Scott and Valerie Mercer! Scott and Valerie serve together at our Visitor Center, warmly welcoming our visiting families and helping them to feel at home. Thank you, Scott & Valerie, for being such great team players and awesome volunteers!

VOLUNTEERMVP 20170910.jpg



Volunteer MVP - Stephen Burgess

A special shoutout to our August Volunteer MVP, Stephen Burgess!

Stephen is a hardworking and faithful volunteer. When he arrives to serve on a Sunday morning, he comes with a Can-Do attitude and has fun working alongside his team members. He has served on various teams within our church family, including Multi-Media, Visitor Center, and on our Mobility Team. Stephen and his wife also serve as Connect Group Leaders and meet with their group in the Salmon Creek area.

Thank you Stephen for all of your hard work!

Want to join a team? Visit our Volunteer webpage and sign up today.