It's football season and my team is losing. It's nice when a team has one or two weak areas to work on... but my team has so many, I'm not sure where they should start to improve. 

I think there has been a major shift in my life in the last few years - I'm better able to recognize my weak areas. I don't mind addressing them publicly. I don't mind working on them in front of the church. It's probably a maturity thing, but I don't feel having it all together is something that I have to embody. I'm more comfortable than ever being a work in progress in Jesus workshop. Progress is taking place, it's just not complete. I think this new found freedom is helpful to others in the church. I'm not perfect. Their not perfect. But we are being perfected as we follow Him, a little more each day.

I'm also comfortable with the fact that our church family is a work in progress. We have some strong areas. We have some weak areas. I think it takes a similar maturity to address them and then work on them.

As a church we are really good helping immature Christians grow, become productive and even lead. But we have identified that we are really weak individually and corporately winning our neighbors to a brand new walk in Jesus. We experience growth by means of people moving into the area, finding us on the internet, or connecting with a fellow believer who attends our church. We have a much smaller minority of people who come into the church not knowing Jesus. We are not good at reglarly filling the chair next to us with someone that we are actively serving so they will meet Jesus. This means we are a well oiled machine, the mini-mega church, doing things better than churches ten times our size, for the same group of people, for the most part, week after week. 

But we recognize it, we are praying about it, and we are working on it!

This last week, we had a ton of visitors. The church was full. There were lots of our friends and family that don't walk with Jesus. People came to hear our myStory presentation! A number of them responded and made the decision to follow Jesus.This past month we improved a weak area... but it's not a strength yet. 

We are going to see our church family expand radically in the next few years, and we are going to do it by winning brand new people in the Kingdom! The next myStory Sunday is scheduled for the end of January. Between now and then we are going to build relationships with others so they will come to know Him!

Are you weak in this same area? Probably. As goes the people, so goes the church. When was the last time you won someone to Jesus? I'm not being critical... but when was it? Do you have 4 or 5 people you are actively working on? Probably not.... YET! 

I'm hoping that your appetite has been whetted! I'm believeing that you are going to address this. I know you are going to pray. I'm sensing that you are going to plan. You are going to rise to the occasion!

Let's address this weak area. Eternity depends on it. Jesus didn't save us just so that we could be saved. He saved us so that we would help save others.

Let's win this!

Pastor Steve