In the Old Testament, there was a group of workers dedicated to transporting, setting up and tearing down the House of God every time the people of Israel moved. Because we are a mobile church, we have our own set of Levites, and they are awesome!

While they serve on a rotating basis, their Sunday starts with a 7PM trailer pick-up, and is completed with delivery of the trailer back to storage by 1:30. In between those hours, they unload, setup every department of the church, and tear it all back down to reload. If you've ever had the opportunity to watch what they do, it is a well oiled machine, a thing of beauty!

From all of us to the entire team, THANK YOU!  Team Leader Page Ackler, Nathan Ganz, Glen Ray, Greg Welter, Robin Brown, Jim Nelson, Grant Staberg, Carlos Guzman, Kevin Fick, Jay Burrill, Dave Kirsh, Dave Densmore, David Densmore, Stephen Burgess, Matt Willett, Bob Nelson, Jesse Carson, Nick Cody, David Densmore, Joe Carson

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