We are a LIFEJournaling church. We've created LIFEJournals, we use LIFEJournals, we even have Sundays dedicated to promoting them!

Recently, 6th grader London Williams purchased 22 LIFEJournals for his classmates with his own money, and his teacher wrote an article for their school newsletter:

My student, London, recently came to me to share his desire to purchase LIFEJournals for each of the 22 students in our class.  He told me that he had been saving his money and wanted to do this. The journals cost $5 each. I was awestruck!  London's love for his fellow students, and his desire to encourage each of them to grow in the Lord was really an example of a young man "sold out" to Jesus. Today, (Monday the 14th), London brought in a bag full of Life Journals for everyone in our class.  He shared with students how to use them and answered questions.  I, again, was brought to tears because I was seeing a young man whose faith was showing itself in action -- the very theme of our Bible study last week and today. We took time in class to read a portion of scripture and journal in our Life Journals.  The plan is to do this in class every Tuesday and Friday, and students are encouraged to do it on their own at home, too. Wow!  The fabulous things that can happen in a Christian School!"

Congratulations London - you are officially a LIFEJournal Junky! We are proud of you for sharing God's incredible Word!