As we work hard to establish our campus meeting at Chinook Elementary, and we continue with our mobile45 Giving Campaign (designed to raise $45,000 for equipment that will allow us to be efficiently mobile in the next four months), we want to make you aware of a few items:

First, our mobile trailer has been ordered. This trailer will allow us to store all of our mobile cabinets and equipment for each environment throughout the facility. This trailer will arrive each Sunday under the direction of our Levitical Teams, and will be systematically unloaded into the proper area, and each area will be set up for use. 

Secondly, we have a pencil sketched layout of our floor plan once we are up and running. That can be found below.

Finally, Continue to pray with us about your role in giving, and let's experience success as we push forward. To date, approximately $10K has already been given to this need.