The following prophetic word was delivered to Elevate Church by Pastor Steve Ganz on Sunday May 8, 2011:

I’m going to transform the face of this congregation. I will metamorphosis, I will change it, I will transform it and in the years to come you will not be able to recognize yourself. But I am going to change you into an image of Me. I am going to further cause the anointing of the Spirit to come upon you. I am going to cause the fervor to seek My face to increase, and I’m going to take you through the path where you are going to lay down your life and you are going to lay down your possessions and lay down the things that at this time seem to be important to you. And in laying them down you will find them transformed into the power of your God. Even as I asked Moses, ‘What is in your hand?’ and he said, ‘All I have is this stick.’ I said ‘Throw it down’ and he threw it down. And the rod of Moses became the rod of God. So I am going to ask you to take the things that are in your life, the things which you possess, the things that you treasure, the things that you feel are valuable, and give them over to the Lord. Because the Lord wants to use them, to transform them, so that you may have a face that is clearly the face of Jesus. I will move, I will prosper, but I will also lead you to give over the things that you have that they might be used by the Lord.