Elevate is committed to the LIFEJournaling process. It may only be a Bible reading plan, but we like it because it also challenges users to dig in to what they are reading and grab a truth that they can apply to their life after doing a little research. We like it because it encourages users to write down how the verse(s) impact their life, and as a result, it helps make the thoughts communicable to others.

Most people Journal privately, but some are not afraid to put their entries out their to encourage others, and to encourage the journaling process. Through the years we have used an number of venues to allow for public LIFEJournal entries to be displayed, but recently we activated a spot on our website. Please be sure to check it out.

Our LIFEJournal blog will showcase our pastoral staff twice a month, and a number of other leaders who will journal from time to time. 

Truthfully, we are looking for additional contributors to be a part of this. For those of you who call Elevate home and like to journal, we might be able to use your journal entries on this blog. If you have the ability follow our format in a way that is concise, Biblically accurate and communicates material of value to other readers, contact us here and let us know your interest. We will have you do a few test runs to see if you should be published, and if so, we'll get you started.