This past weekend, we took some time as a church to pray for Steve & Malana Ganz. In just a few short weeks they will be headed for Panama for nearly all of 2013. They will be serving as full time missionaries to the people and churches of that region, sharing the gospel, training leaders and strengthening churches. This has been a lifelong dream that they have dabbled extensively with, but are now able to fully commit to. As a church, we recognize their calling, giftings and preparation for this task, and we have endorsed them as official Elevate Church missionaries.

A number of things had to come together in order for the Ganz's to set out including retirement, sale of their business, liquidation of business assets and downsizing of personal property, moving out of their rental, etc, and the Lord has been faithful each step of the way.

Photo Oct 14, 10 23 29 AM.jpg

We have helped the Ganz's with previous endeavors, but we will be subsidizing a large portion of their expenses while they are in Panama. We have provided them with a church laptop for their use while they are away, but we would like your family to help us support the Ganz's in the following ways:

  1. Help Them With Their Move - the Ganz's still have one more final transition before they leave - on December 29 they will be relocating some of their furniture from their current residence. All help is appreciated. Please contact Malana on Facebook for more details.
  2. Pray Regularly - add the Ganz's to your personal prayer list and make them a part of your families prayer time. Cards for your refrigerator are available at our Registration Center.
  3. Give Regularly - we are asking every family to support the Ganz's financially during the 12 months of 2013. Pray about the amount you give, but if every family of Elevate Church gave $20 per month, their budget would be met easily. You can give by dropping your gift in our weekend offering marked "Ganz"  or by giving online.
  4. Follow Regularly - you can read Elevate's Ganz Page or follow them on Facebook.

We are excited to partner with Steve & Malana and wish them all of God's best as they move forward!