I would have never dreamed that being a mobile church and meeting in a school could be such an incredible experience, but it absolutely has been.

Page Ackler has done a tremendous job establishing our mobile process, equipment and teams. Every Sunday the trailer arrives at the school at 7:30am and is greeted by the set-up team. By 8:30 the worship team begins their practice, and by 9:30 all of the other departments are ready as their teams arrive. Church begins at 10 and as we worship together, I often forget that we are in a school. It's comfortable, functional, well decorated and big enough to meet our needs! It's also a great value, costing us approximately $2250 a month. We have the potential to use this facility for years and the ability to grow in this wonderful Salmon Creek setting. The school is a blessing from God!

But seasons change, and the wise prepare for changes in advance!

In an effort to be wise, we have established the Elevate Building Fund. Monies given to this fund will be earmarked and saved for future property and facility purchases. I am asking that your family join with my family as we give monthly to this fund. Additionally, our Elders plan plan to designate and transfer approximately 10% of our monthly tithe income into the Building Fund by the beginning of 2013.

We don't know exactly what the future holds in terms of a facility but we do know that things won't remain the way they are forever. We want to make sure that when the need intersects with an opportunity, our faith has prepared us for that moment. 

This is an exciting step for our church family. We will begin reporting our progress each month anticipating what God will do for us in the future.

Pastor Steve