Another year is complete, and we have officially closed the books on 2012 by mailing contribution reports for the year. If for some reason you have not received your report, please contact Page Ackler.

I want to thank you for your faithfulness to give! As you can see by the info below, we have enjoyed a good year financially. In mid 2012 we instituted and followed a new budget - we have been conservative in spending, generous in our giving, and diligent to save. Your faithfulness has allowed us to serve our church family well, to support missionaries and church planting endeavors, help those in need, pay salaries, put money in savings and even establish a Building Fund.

A Quick Glance At 2012:

Our 2012 Income - $300,220.96

  • Tithe - $223,192.38
  • Offering - $64,388.90
  • Missions - $6,796.61 
  • Building Fund - $800.00
  • Other - $5,043.07 

Our 2012 Expenses - $279,432.24

  • Missions - $24,961.70
  • General Expenses - $254,470.54

Our 2012 Net Income - $20,788.72

Our 2012 Year End Balance Sheet amounts to $96,074.29 and includes:

  • Checking Account - $4,217.92
  • Savings Account - $25,000.00
  • Building Fund - $2,503.00
  • Church Planting Funds - $1,983.30
  • Missions Fund - $2,370.07
  • Estimated Equipment Value - $60,000

Our 2012 Year End Debt - $0

A few goals we have for 2013:

•We hope to find a mid-week facility, either owned or leased, for small group meetings, worship team practices, and men’s, women’s and student’s gatherings. We need space for approximately 75 people, a kitchenette and a few general-purpose offices. I am asking every family to pray for God’s perfect property and to consider giving on a monthly basis to the “Building Fund” for this purpose.

•We are excited to support Steve & Malana Ganz while they are in Panama. Since they will be there for most of 2013,I am asking every family to pray for them regularly and consider giving on a monthly basis to “Ganz Missions.” Ten to twenty dollars per family per month would more than meet their needs! Don’t forget to stay up to date on their endeavor by visiting the outreach tab of our website.

•We are excited to continue our partnership with other new church plants, especially Pastor Phil Harris & Epikos Church in Bend, Oregon. I am asking every family to pray for them regularly and to consider giving on a monthly basis to “Church Planting.” Don’t forget to stay up to date on their endeavor (and other church plants we support) by visiting the outreach tab on our website.

A Few Thoughts To Consider When Giving in 2013:

It takes a lot of things to see the Kingdom of God expand in this world, but one of the most practical is money. God has an age-old method for funding His Kingdom and His House - He asks His people to give tithe and various offerings, which are then used to meet the practical needs. Tithing is when a person gives 10% of their income on a regular basis to God’s House.

I believe that tithing is about more than giving money! Tithing proclaims His Lordship over in our lives; demonstrates obedience to His Word; communicates His ownership of all we have; demonstrates faithful stewardship of all that He has placed in our care; acknowledges Him as the source of the 100% we have received; expresses our appreciation for all of His provision in our lives; demands that our love (or strong like) for money bow before our love for Him; expresses faith that he will stretch the 90% farther than the original 100% would have gone; expresses faith that He will continue to supply all of our needs; demonstrates a loving family commitment to and ownership of our local church; provides support for the spiritual leaders God has placed in our lives; and is an expression of our passion to fuel the Kingdom of God and see it expand into the lives of those we come in contact with. If you are like me, you pay your bills because you have to, but you give to God because you love to!

Again, thank you for your giving. Thank you for loving Him, His House, His Leaders and His Kingdom! Together we will accomplish things that will impact eternity! I am so proud to serve you as we all follow Him.

Pastor Steve