the LOFT - One of our goals for 2013 has been to acquire office and mid-week meeting space. The space is critical for appointments, staff meetings, and functions like our students Bible studies, Ministry Leader meetings, worship practice etc. After much searching, investigation and negotiation, we are pleased to announce that as of May 1 we will occupy 2800 sq ft of leased space in the heart of Salmon Creek which we are calling, the LOFT. It has multiple offices, work areas and a general gathering area that can handle approximately 75 chairs. We will also have space for storage and a spot to park our church trailer. While we will be on the second level, there is even an elevator!

A PARTNERSHIP - desiring to be good stewards of church resources, we have decided to be creative and establish a partnership with another church plant with similar needs in the Vancouver area. We are excited to team up with our good friends Pastor Darren & Bree Elliott and C3 Church in Vancouver. We will be dividing up the offices to accommodate both churches and scheduling the main meeting space as needed.

MUSCLE AND MONEY - to get the space ready, there is a moderate amount of demolition required. A few walls have to come out, followed by some electrical and drywall repairs... and lastly paint. We will be setting up a buildout schedule and asking for volunteers! Keep your ears open for details. Additionally, we will need to purchase chairs, office furniture and some decorations. As always, we plan to be conservative and pay cash. Therefore, we will be receiving three LOFTofferings on the third Sundays of March, April and May. We are asking everyone to give generously. We are tentatively planning on having an open house Sunday May 19 from 5-7PM so that everyone can stop buy for a tour and some refreshments!

Thank God for his continued favor in our church family!