While our primary focus is to lift up Jesus, we are commited to annual fiancial accountability. As good stewards of God’s House we want to be transparent for what has been done with our resources this year.

Thanks to the generous contributions of our church family and friends, the Lord has enabled us to serve our church family and partnered ministries well. Table 1 shows that our 2014 income came from 109 contributors with an additional $19,103.14 received from non-contribution income. Elevate Church has 82 Connected Families (involved with a Connect Group). 72 (88%) of those Connected Families gave at least one time last year while 51 (62%) gave consistently. While there’s no way to know how many of our Connected Families returned their tithe (10% of gross income) to the Lord’s House, we know there were many and we are thankful. We will be taking time during 2014 to teach people the value of consistent, proportional and generous giving, and it’s Kingdom impact while bringing a personal blessing.

Table 2 is a Comparative Analysis of our Income and Expenses, Year End Fund Balances and Asset Valuations. The Lord has certainly helped us!

Table 3 is a breakdown of our Church Planting and Missions giving totals and year end Fund Balances. Note that the giving totals show that we tithed on our income as a church family and gave generous offerings. Both are Biblical commands that we teach and embrace. We have also positioned ourselves to be able to act as opportunities present themselves in the arena of Church Planting and Missions.

At the beginning of 2013, we expressed a number of financial goals for the year, which we have achieved:  

  • we gave away a tithe of our tithe income and significant offering on top of that; 
  • we lived within our means by honoring a budget; 
  • we supported our missionaries well; 
  • we completing our Church Planting commitments to Hopecity Church in Portland ($3,000 total) and Epikos Church in Bend ($12,000 total) while giving additional funds to C3 Church in Vancouver; 
  • we secured a 3 year lease on midweek meeting space and offices and paid approximately $12,000 out of pocket for build-out and equipment; 
  • we secured a box truck to pull our equipment trailer and outfitted it for approximately $12,000 out of pocket.

The one goal we set which we did not accomplish was to transfer 10% of our tithe income ($18,534.82) to our Building Fund. This is something that we will address in 2014.

Additional 2013 Accomplishments: several ministry accomplishments were possible in 2013, in part, because of the resources we received:

  • we established our Ministry Leader Training Program and trained 35+ Ministry Leaders, bringing them together 6 times during the year for prayer, teaching and vision casting.
  • we established our Connect Group Ministry and trained leaders to launch and oversee 8 Connect Groups consisting of 85 families and 250 people which averaged 131 in monthly attendance.
  • we established a Connectivity Department to facilitate visitors as they desire to be connected to our church starting at the Visitor Center, travelling through our Next Step Dessert, Connect Groups and ultimately into a committed relationship with the church by means of the e201 Class “Our House, Your House”
  • we established Departmental Leadership within our eKIDS Department adding significant male involvement to our volunteer teams .

Looking at 2013 prompts us to look at 2014 with the following Financial Goals:

  • giving away a tithe of our income;
  • live within our means by honoring a budget
  • support our missionaries exceptionally well
  • replenishing our Cash/Reserve Funds to a total amount of $35,000
  • appropriate/raise our Building Fund balance to $25,000 while praying about property God has for us
  • complete our Panama 14 housing project
  • provide transportation for our Panama missionaries
  • build a minimum of 4 church facilities in Cameroon at a cost of $3000 each
  • accumulate our Church Planting Funds as we pray about future projects
  • equip our church with a better understand of generous Kingdom giving.

    Looking at 2013 prompts us to look at 2014 with the following Non-Financial Goals:

    1. we will strive to do a better job of lifting up Jesus and making him to our friends, family and community to Jesus. 
    2. we plan to expand opportunities for corporate prayer by adding a 2nd Saturday evening of prayer each month at The LOFT. We are considering additional prayer times such as a designated lunch prayer and Fall Prayer Week.
    3. we are praying to expand our Community Outreach. While we have successfully completed annual work projects at Chinook Elementary during the summer with our student, and our Homeless Ministry holds successful outreaches each Sunday, we believe there is more we can do. We are adding several cleanup projects at the park where Homeless Ministry serves while praying for additional opportunities and leadership.
    4. we will focus on volunteer and leadership development. We will be inviting newly connected families into our volunteer system while striving to train approximately 8 people in our e401 Ministry Leaders Program for various positions of needed leadership. We will endeavor to train 4 new Connect Group Leaders and establish 4 new Connect Groups; we plan to sup-departmentalize our Worship Department and train new departmental leaders. We plan to train two new Elders for future installation and leadership.

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