Missionaries Ben & Michelle Dunlap continue their work with their ministry and fabrication teams and their endeavor to build church facilities for needy congregations in the Cameroon region. The cost per church is approximately $3000.

The pictures below show Ben traveling recently under the protection of armed guards to deliver materials and assemble four different churches. Also pictured are two of the former buildings used as church sanctuaries, and some final pictures of church families using their new facilities.

In 2014, Elevate Church committed to $9000 to build three churches in Cameroon and then sent the first $3000 check in January. After announcing this, one of our Elevate families committed an additional $3000 to make it 4 churches. They dropped off the check this week and we are in the process of transferring it to the Dunlaps.

We are excited to be a part of the Dunlap's ministry, excited to serve the church families of Cameroon, and excited to be generous with the resources God has given us to see His Kingdom expand.