While our primary focus as a church family is to lift up Jesus, much of this article is statistical in nature and includes an overview of finances for Elevate Church in 2014. As good stewards of God’s House we want to be accountable to you for what has been done with our resources this year. Thank you for your faithfulness to give in 2014! It has enabled us to serve our church family and partner with additional ministries around the world to see the Kingdom of God expand. Here are some financial details we would like to share with you:

The first graphic (above) shows that our 2014 income came from 109 contributors with an additional $24,559.33 received from non-contribution income. While 109 different families gave last year, Elevate consists of 85 Connected Families (involved regularly with a Connect Group). 64 of those families (75%) gave at least one time last year and 50 (59%) gave consistently. We are so thankful for each one who gave.

The next graphic (above) is a a comparative analysis of our Income and Expenses 2013-14, as well as Year End Fund Balances and Asset Valuations. You will quickly see that The LORD has helped us significantly in 2014!

The final graphic (above) is a breakdown of our Church Planting and Missions giving totals. Tithe and offerings are Biblical principles we are committed to modeling, allowing our teaching on the topic to be more than words. Note that the totals show that our giving amounted to approximately $32,000 above and beyond our tithe. Additionally, you’ll notice our Church Planting & Missions reserves allow us to model the idea of budgeting for unknown acts of generosity, We are preparing today for tomorrow’s opportunities!

2014 Financial Goals Achieved:

At the beginning of 2014, we expressed a number of financial goals for the year. Incredibly, all of these goals were met, and then some:  

  • we gave away a tithe and offerings amounting to 18% of our income; 
  • we supported our missionaries well; 
  • we lived within our means by honoring a budget;
  • we replenished cash reserves to the $35K mark;
  • we gathered more than the expressed $25K for our Building Fund = $42,460.80;
  • we completed our housing project for an indigenous family in Panama;
  • we provided transportation for our missionaries in Panama;
  • we built 4 churches in Cameroon at a total cost of $12,000;
  • we spent time equipping our church with a better understanding of generous Kingdom giving and as a result, we experienced financial growth of 26% or $81,958.07.

Additionally, we spent approximately $15,000 on a mini-bus and established a Transportation Team that provides rides each Sunday for those without a means to get to our gatherings. 

2014 Ministry Facts & Figures:

  • Sunday Gathering attendance increased by 4%;
  • 7 people were baptized;
  • 25 new families joined a Connect Group;
  • 15 families (25 adults) joined the Elevate Church Family via our e201 Course;
  • 11 babies/children were dedicated to The LORD;
  • 10 new leaders graduated from our e401 Ministry Leader Training course;
  • Ministry Leaders gathered 6 times during the year for prayer, teaching and vision casting;
  • two new Elders-in-training were added to our current three;
  • Connect Group Ministry oversaw 85 families (250 people), averaging 130 in attendance;
  • we established Departmental Leadership within our eKIDS Department;
  • we added significant male involvement to our eKIDS volunteer teams;
  • we served an average of 56 children, 34% of our Sunday Gathering attendance;
  • we hosted two separate events with out Street Outreach serving Vancouver Parks;
  • 14 individuals were a part of our Financial Peace University;
  • we added a 5th Wednesday Prayer Night to our schedule;
  • we sub-departmentalize our Worship Department, training two new departmental leaders;
  • we adopted and completed migration of data to a new database

2014 Health Review:

Our Administrative Team conducted a health review at year end via The Unstuck Group. Here are a few facts we discovered about our church as it is compared to other churches nationally:

  • our attendance in weekend gatherings increased by 4%, and is considered incremental growth.
  • our children represent 34% of our weekend gathering, which places us in the top 10% of churches nationally.
  • our baptisms per capita based on our weekend gathering is considered below average or declining.
  • 79% of our Sunday morning attendance participate in a Connect Group, which is well above average.
  • 98% of adult and students serve in a formal volunteer role, placing us in the top 10% of churches nationally.
  • we have 73 Sunday attendees per staff member, placing us just below the national average.
  • 44% of our budget is spent on staff, which is average.
  • the average Sunday attender (adults/students) gives $62 per week, placing us in the top 10% of churches.
  • we have 8 weeks of expenses in cash reserves, categorizing us between “acceptable” and “strong.”
  • we have $0 debt, which is considered “very strong.”

2015 Financial Goals:

  • give away a tithe of our income; 
  • support our missionaries exceptionally well; 
  • live within our means by honoring a budget; 
  • maintain Cash/Reserve Funds to a total amount of $35,000; 
  • purchase the Delfel Road acreage and research future building options;
  • complete our Panama 15 housing project; 
  • build a minimum of 2 church facilities in Cameroon at a cost of $3000 each; 
  • accumulate Church Planting Funds as we pray about future projects.

2015 Ministry Goals:

One glaring statistic in our research reveals that we need to do a better job evangelizing our community. As a church, we cannot be satisfied with growth that comes from Christians moving into the area or changing churches. As individuals, we cannot be satisfied to allow our unsaved friends and family to continue to walk in darkness. We absolutely need to become more effective introducing unbelievers to Jesus, and follow that up with Water Baptism. This will be the heart of much of our preaching, teaching and emphasis throughout the new year.