If Facebook postings are any indication, (which they’re not) it could be easy to imagine that our neighbors, friends, and relatives are experiencing “religious overload” during this season and that Christmas Eve is the LAST day of the year they’d be open to joining us at a church gathering.  The reality however, is that many people are actively and literally searching for a church during December, and specifically for a Christmas Eve service.

Christmas Eve.jpg

The image above shows the dramatic increase in people’s Google search for the term, “church” throughout December and it’s safe to assume that most would love to have more than an internet search result as an invitation to attend.  Say what you will about the cultural and commercial influences on the Christmas holiday, one thing is clear; there is no other general time of year that people are more interested in church.

From now until Thursday we have a unique opportunity to invite the people we know (or don’t) to experience the presence of God in our gatherings.  Let’s be intentional to maximize this window of interest by reaching out to those around us with a simple invitation to join us on Christmas Eve.  Let’s capitalize on this opportunity to introduce people, not simply to a holiday tradition, but to a living God who is our source of purpose, hope, and light every day of the year!