This Mother’s Day, May 8th, we will be having Baby Dedications for several families within our church body. Baby Dedication involves devoting a child to God, but what does that mean exactly?


What is Baby Dedication?

When one dedicates their child, they are declaring to raise that child to live a life set apart for God’s plans and purposes in that child’s life. It is a parent’s vow, in front of God and witnesses, to commit to leading their child in a relationship with Jesus. To help them discover what their talent and callings are, and how they can use them for Him.

It is an affirmation of God’s ownership over that child’s life, and allows Him to use them in great and unimaginable ways.

It is also the start of a family’s partnership with God to see His best realized in their child’s life. Families fulfill God’s instructions in raising up the child, and the child is opened up to the life that God has destined for them.


I’m not dedicating any kids. Why should I participate in Baby Dedication?

Declaration involves a partnership. Parents begin a new partnership with God as they decide to raise their child in a specific way. Partnership also arises as family, friends, and church family join to help raise the child in the way God intended. They can help the family in providing for and protecting the child, training them for areas of life, recognizing and developing the child’s fittings and callings, and by modeling a love for God and His leadership in the different family relationships.

Even though you may not be dedicating any children of your own, there is still an opportunity for you to be involved! You play a vital role in helping a family to raise a child into a life filled with God’s plans and purposes.

Join us Sunday, May 8th in partnership with our families as they dedicate their children!

(If you would like to register your child for Baby Dedication, click HERE.)