Growth tracks are activities designed to help us grow in our understanding and walk with Jesus. These activities, such as the Purple Project we completed earlier, will be occurring throughout the year.  Some will be book studies, others will be a video series, but all are intend to help us mature together as a church body outside of our Sunday gatherings.

Our next Growth Track, begins July 11th. This 6-week video study by Robert Morris dives into the principles of living the life God made available to us through His son; "The Blessed Life".

Every Monday starting July 11th, 2 new 10 minute videos and a downloadable worksheet will be made available at the Growth Tracks webpage (click here). Once you've viewed the videos and completed the notes, visit the accompanying Facebook link and add your input to that week's discussion post. The goal is not simply to grow on our own, but to share what the Lord doing in us with our family so that we can grow together.

What are the next steps to prepare for the launch of our Summer Growth Track?

- First, decide who you want to partner with for this study - you can work on your own, with another partner, with your family, or even with your Connect Group! Iron sharpens iron and a group setting allows you to discuss questions and share ideas for maximum growth.

- Next, schedule a weekly time to meet with your group to view the videos and hold a discussion.  Maybe you and your partner agree to watch the videos separately sometime Monday and meet together for coffee each Tuesday to review notes and discuss.  Maybe you want to invite a couple to your home and watch the videos together every Thursday eventing.  Whatever you decide works best for you, carve out the time now to make growth a priority.

- Finally, bookmark the Growth Tracks page on our website for easy access to the videos and notes (link here).  Another great option is to make sure you're following the church Facebook page as we'll post the weekly video links there each Monday as well.

Keep a lookout for more updates regarding Growth Tracks and "The Blessed Life"!