Nehemiah 1:4: ”When I heard these things I sat down and wept. For some days I mourned and fasted and prayed before the Lord.”

Nehemiah 2:8 : “and because the gracious hand of my God was upon me the king granted my requests.”


The thing that really stood out to me was Nehemiah’s response to the bad news about Jerusalem.  He didn’t respond in anger and curse those people who destroyed his ancestors city. Instead, he reached out to God and laid out his heart bare. He created an intimate space with the Lord for a few days. When I read his prayers, it’s as if I’m reading his personal diary, these are the desperate words of a man who has a personal relationship with the living God. It was in this place that the heart of God was infused into Nehemiah. Heavenly plans were downloaded into his spirit. God gave him a vision. Nehemiah responded to that vision by faith which resulted in supernatural favor and provision. As I meditate on this I am totally overwhelmed by how amazing our God is.  When I leave my religiosity at the door and come into his presence with my real honest raw heart, He connects His heart to mine and shares His plans, visions and dreams with me. 


This is a perfect example of what a real Christian looks like.  Jesus did the same thing. He would regularly spend intimate time with the Father in the heavenly realms, and then bring Heaven to earth, and only did and said what He heard and saw the Father saying and doing. I believe that if we aren’t doing the same thing in our walks with God than we need to ask God for a spiritual renovation and revelation of what this looks like. When I come before the Lord I want to continue to have the expectation that I will meet with Him and that He will speak to me and that He will reveal His heart to me.