- Scripture:

Matt 8:5-13 and 1 Samuel 24

- Observation:

These two passages I found interesting because the both tell a story of faith yet are written at such vastly different times in history. The passage in Mathew tells of the centurion coming to Jesus and asking for healing for his servant, fully recognizing that he is undeserving, ultimately Jesus acknowledges his faith and heals the servant. In 1 Sam 24, we see David being pursued by Saul and then having the opportunity to take him out and instead he keeps his promise to God. He chooses to be faithful rather than listen to the urging of his troops. Ultimately both situations are resolved because of faith.

- Application:

It's been a little challenging reading some of the old testament text along with new testament. At times it just seems like I'm reading about a different God. It can be difficult to not get bogged down in the context sometimes. But really when you look at the story of people it really hasn't changed all that much. Some of the resources have changed but people haven't. We are still broken, self serving,  and helplessly lost. Ultimately all of this (new and old testament) points to the need for a savior and more importantly our need to respond. For me I need to fight that independence and just submit, reminding myself that I have a loving God that not only is willing to help but has promised to do so (Faith).