Romans 8:37 (NASB) - But in all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us. 


Romans 8 gives a long list of pushbacks that believers experience while following Jesus including moments of poverty, famines and persecution.  Verse 39 emphasizes 1) that none of these attacks come because God doesn’t love us; and 2) none of these attacks can separate us from His love. That is incredibly encouraging because our minds often lie to us mid-attack suggesting that our trial is because God is so tired of us that Has finally abandoned us to this new, well deserved reality!

Verse 37 goes on to make a bold promise for everyone still fighting through their attack: because of Him, not only will we conquer our enemy, but we will do so overwhelmingly! It’s His Word. It’s His Promise.


The reality is, you can’t overwhelmingly win a battle you don’t fight.  And for many years, I didn’t. I was of the opinion that nothing could happen to me (a believer and follower of Jesus) that God didn’t allow and want me to experience. I assumed that every struggle, pushback or attack was His will, for some undisclosed purpose.  To speak to the wind and waves was to fight against His will so I prayed for strength to endure in a way that pleased Him. I assumed the trial was necessary in order to remove a displeasing quality he saw within my character.

I’m no longer of that opinion. The New testament reveals that Satan attacks believers. Demons attack believers. Spirits attack believers. Sickness attacks believers, as do circumstances, situations, people, the elements of this world and much, much more. And none of it is the will of God

So now I fight, and I do so with confidence. I do so with boldness. I do so in faith! The attack is not His will! Not one bit! His will is my overwhelming victory over His and my enemies!

Don’t get me wrong, there is a refining/pruning process in our lives that can be painful, that is exacted by His loving hand. It creates the opportunity for me to be better conformed to his image. It works new levels of holiness and greater sanctification in my life. There is also discipline that comes as a result of my disobedience as well as a reaping from my sinful actions. But there is a huge difference between that and an attack. One is meant for my good, the other for my destruction. One comes to bring me abundant life, and the other seeks my death on all levels. 

Believers can and should be able to discern the difference, and once they do, the fight should be on with full expectation of overwhelming victory.