1 Kings 20:13 “Meanwhile a prophet came to Ahab king of Israel and announced, “This is what the LORD says: ‘Do you see this vast army? I will give it into your hand today, and then you will know that I am the LORD.’ ”


Once again Israel was up against an army they could not defeat on their own. Their enemy was too big and too strong for them. They needed a victory, but on their own they were unable to achieve that. They were vulnerable sheep in desperate need of a Shepard. God, being the Sovereign God He is, defended His people and slaughtered their enemy.


I've faced battles that were too big and too strong for me. In the midst of already being overwhelmed by anxiety and fear, the enemy then begins to intimidate me with lies. "This is never going to end", " You can't do it", “Something is wrong with you”. Accusations, accusations, threats, and lies. As if the pressure and heat of the battle wasn't enough.

That's not where the story ends though. It's never where the story ends for God's kids. God asked Ahab the king of Israel to send out his junior officers and strike first. Not even his best men? God displayed His great power by using the less likely soldiers to win this unsurmountable battle. King Ahab defeated his enemy by the power of Jesus Christ. There was a part he played in his own victory. He trusted the Lord and he stepped out in faith by obeying the Lord. Jesus did the rest.

When we trust the Lord and have faith in Him during our times of warfare and do what He says to do, He literally goes before us and wipes out our enemy. “To drive out before you nations greater and stronger than you and to bring you into their land to give it to you for your inheritance, as it is today.” - Deuteronomy 4:38. “He rescued me from my powerful enemy, from my foes, who were too strong for me.” - Psalm 18:17. I believe Jesus will get us to a point in our lives where we are up against something impossible and too big for us. During those times of desperation what do we cling to? Where do we run? How do we respond? What old root of the past or chain of lies rise to the surface when the heat is on? Whatever pain, torment, fear, grief, anger, abandonment - you fill in the blank - rises to the top during the fire is where your next breakthrough is going to take place. It’s in this deepest pain or weakness Jesus wants to touch your heart, mind, and soul to bring freedom, healing, and strength. 

Side note of encouragement: Do you know how many angels it will take to throw Satan into the abyss? One. One angel. Revelation 20:2. That's God's power. There is no contest between the enemy and our Lord. He is the all consuming power.